Stand On Your Own

A Ugandan NGO No:9095


Currently Stand on Your Own can offer work to some of the communities, by bringing in tourists to the villages. This means locals have an opportunity to sell goods such as snacks & souvenirs. Once fully completed we plan to support local mothers, in making and selling crafts, plus setting up pre-school play areas for little ones and provide books and toys for their use. Most cannot afford nursery school.

At Kisenyi the 1000+ inhabitants rely entirely on the fishing industry and at Kasenyi its very similar, although some villagers do gain an additional small income from salt gardens on Lake Bunyampaka. The NGO has supported both villages by giving them practical advice on how to attract and benefit from low impact tourism. The results in addition to the making and selling of crafts and snacks, have been setting up budget accommodation, plus offering guided community walks.

How do you end global poverty? You start with kids.