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vocational training

After asking Ann about the importance of funding for the vocational centre, I got this response. “Funding for the Vocational Centre is particularly important, as so many children leaving our Primary 7 classes will not afford even government Senior schools & even those that do – after 4 years there are no jobs & they have no skills for self-employment. Our existing classes are almost self-funding, classes such as tailoring & knitting make school uniforms. In the salon students learn and practice by doing the hair of local village clients”.

We’re currently building a vocational kitchen/restaurant – being on the main trans Africa highway will bring in an income and help fund other training classes. We plan vehicle servicing, (for passing safari vehicles so drivers can have vehicles checked while clients have lunch break) and other traffic on the way route to Rwanda and Congo. Then later building trades such as: carpentry, plumbing, bricklaying, electrician, welding etc. We’re also building dormitories to accept vocational students from further afield.

The main project we are currently raising funds for is the kitchen and restaurant. The top donate button is for the restaurant. The purpose of the vocational centre is to make the school and all other businesses self-funding. The following Donate link will take you to the donate button: Donate Link. This will enable you to donate for the vocational kitchen for teenage girls.

How do you end global poverty? You start with kids.